Sell your property with us !

"Selling a home is exciting and so much fun !"

Said no homeowner ever. Let's get real. Selling a home and moving can be stressful for you and your family. From prepping your home for sale to the cleaning for showings, you are going to need a kick-butt, no BS, MARKETING MACHINE Realtor's that can get your home sold quickly, painlessly, and for the highest price possible.

You are going to need someone with the skill set and knowledge to bring as many set of eyes to your home that would be humanly possible. Using technology and advertising to grab the attention of buyers is easier said than done. Unfortunately agents have gotten comfortable using the o-mighty MLS and generic "FOR SALE" signs to list one's home just to run off with at least 3-7% of your home's equity. An agents job in this market should be more about "how can this agent sell my home for more and take the headache away?"

"Your Favorite Mother and Son Team" 

Step 1 - Find out what your home could sell for.

If the listing price is set too high, potential buyers may be deterred from considering your home. It has been proven that the closer your home is to the "fair market value" when it first comes onto the market, the more likely it will sell quickly at a higher price! 

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Step 2 - Consult an agent.

It is important to talk to an agent early on in the process before you go tearing out that wall, replacing those counters, or painting the entire place! Remember, this is not your home anymore. You are setting the stage for someone that may have completely different taste than you. A good agent is going to be able to give you an unbiased perspective on things that may help your home sell for more and increase "sell-ability".

Step 3 - Bring in the production team!

This is where we can make your home come alive. We work with some of the best photographers in Broward County enabling us to not only take top notch pictures, but also twilight pictures, drone photography, drone videos, live interior videos, and the state of the art, ultra interactive virtual tours. 

Step 4 - Market the home.

Now that all the photography and videos are done it's time to market your home like you've never seen! Literally, no other home you have been looking at with other agents have the level of detailed marketing that your home will. We don't just slap some crappy pictures onto the MLS, stick a sign in the yard, and move onto the next home. We use a combo of web, print, and internet marketing techniques to sell your home FAST! 

Step 5 - Communicate and adjust. 

You will always receive a weekly screen-cast from us with detailed information and visual evidence of where you home is being showed, how many people have viewed the photos, listing, video, and tour including an update on buyer feedback from the past week's showings.

Unfortunately we have heard it too many times, "I met with my agent and signed an agreement. They listed my house and I never really heard from them!" Communication and keeping sellers in the loop is a top priority for us and believe that with great communication the selling process goes smoothly and holds the sellers agent accountable especially when the price, marketing, or target needs to be adjusted.

Step 6 - Negotiate.

There is a lot more to negotiating than agreeing on a final sales price for your home. You often have sellers accepting a much lower final sales price after inspections that could likely add pricey repairs, inclusions, etc. It is important to have someone that knows what counter offers typically make buyers "walk" and what counters tend to keep them at or close to the original offer. There is a fine line between them and a good agent can protect you from a buyer walking all over you.


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